More quad-bands from China

In the beginning, there was Yaesu.


Wouxun joined the party:

Wouxun KG-UV950P Front

Wouxun KG-UV950P Front

Anytone popped up:quad-band 5Today Ben PA2OLD hunted down this one:

quad-band Recent
Which is a radio also sold by HYS:

quad-band 2A radio – as far as we know – offering 100% compatibility with Yaesu, up to the use of WIRES:

quad-band 4And, if you order enough of them, you put your own name sticker onto it:

quad-band 1Box it, advertise it, sell it, another brand is born! <insert applause here>

quad-band 3


7 comments on “More quad-bands from China

  1. Yes more of the same… btw one thing that was an innovation from China: the dual band digital HT from TYT, what’s your verdict with it?

  2. Apparently the TYT/AnyTone legal action in Chinese courts hasn’t deterred others from continuing to do the same thing.
    There are still TYT TH-9000’s turning up on AliExpress — not the slightly modified TH-9000D’s that TYT was forced to sell to get around the lawsuit’s injunctions.

    With all of the Japanese manufacturers now using Vitai in China to make their products, this is inevitable. The dies and tooling are all there, and Vitai is just subcontracting to other Chinese manufacturers. Those other manufacturers can easily jut run off an extra thousand die-cast chassis or injection-molded panels and sell them to HYS, etc. It’s a *lot* cheaper than making your own dies and molds, and the certified supply-chain is already set up for all of the other components.

    While it looks bad on the surface, I wouldn’t really trust HYS, Recent, Retevis, etc. to set this kind of thing up “from scratch”. Maybe it’s best that they just have to do the silk-screening. It’s hard to mess that up.

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