Ah, a genuine FTDI cable! Oh wait….

Brick posted that Baofengtech.com is selling programming cables with genuine FTDI chips inside. Guaranteed! Good work, gents! Only $17.16 on Amazon.com, not too bad.

ftdi-1Amazon is present in Europe too, so I went to Amazon.de and searched for the same cable. Yes, it’s there, and it’s also from BaofengTech. Price: € 128,00. WTF?



7 comments on “Ah, a genuine FTDI cable! Oh wait….

    • Guaranteed genuine FTDI or Prolific chips inside? I’m not looking for cables – got truckloads of them, likely all counterfeit – but interested in testing a genuine one.

  1. Wow, looks like they took the US ad and converted it to German, right on down to the Miklor help page.
    The only difference is BaofengTech and USA Direct Shop are two different companies.
    EUR 128 ($150 USD) is just a tiny bit over priced.


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