10 Watt HT update

As usual, the Weierwei radio is also available under another name: FDC (Feidaxin). Model number is FDC FD-890 Plus.

FD-890 Plus

Price for the UHF version is $73 on AliExpress (link). Radios found on eBay and 409shop often lack the ‘Plus’ in the model; these are 5 Watt versions.

The VHF version is only $59.90 on eBay (shipping not included, and not available for NL). I didn’t check for better deals; these are just examples.

*edit* For NL, use this link to a seller in Hong Kong: g8hkshop. Price +/- € 58, and they include an extra, longer antenna for free.


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    • We can’t be sure until someone connects one to calibrated test equipment, but the high battery capacity suggests a power hungry device.

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