Baofeng UV-5X, Baofeng GT-3 Mark II

I promised readers to pick one for a future review. As far as information from the manufacturer and sellers go, these two radios are technically identical. The same upgraded chips, the same performance gain (supposedly) when compared to older models, up to the ‘reverse LCD’.

My negative feelings towards the short UV-5R stock antenna are well-known. They’re not very efficient and heat up quickly. Converting RF into heat instead of radiated energy isn’t a good thing. The first version of the GT-3 also used this antenna. Not really a smart move, especially because the GT-3 was significantly more expensive than a standard UV-5R.

Unfortunately the UV-5X uses this sub-par antenna too. The choice was made: in order to make everyone happy, including myself, I went for the GT-3 Mark II with its upgraded antenna. I can only hope that this new stock antenna will deliver.

According to the technical data these new Baofeng / Pofung radios will have a better front-end, better (more meaningful) squelch levels, and better RX/TX audio. Sounds promising, but I’ve been disappointed before.

When it comes to appearance, the GT-3 Mark II and the UV-5X look totally different. I can’t say that I like the looks of the UV-5X much. It’s not really ugly, but a bit brick-alike, and less stylish than the GT-3. In the end you’re the judge, below two pictures:

Baofeng UV-5XGT3-Mark IIEstimated time of arrival of the review sample is December 3.

12 comments on “Baofeng UV-5X, Baofeng GT-3 Mark II

  1. Can’t wait for a review since I am right now in the process of finding something to replace my old FDC FD-268B.

  2. I suppose ‘DESING’ is modern Chinese for ‘design’, but it’s not a sign of ‘proffesional quality’.

    • it’s a UV-5R / GT-3 in a stong waterproof case.
      atleast it’s supposed to be waterproof – that’s why i’m looking forward to this review so much! 🙂

    • 82c is a comercial firmware version of the 82,
      the only difference is you can use the pc software to lock the menu’s out and link the ptt buttons to act as one.

      presumably so people you give the radio to cant mess the settings up.

  3. GT-3 II is a decent radio and if I didn’t have a collection of others, I would have thought about getting it. In a different way, the UV-5X looks good and if the price is right, it’ll be a good seller with all those UV-5R fans out there.

    They want to get all those old antennas and throw them in the bin and then throttle the person that designed it and the person who signed it off to be included as standard. I had an Intek KT-980HP arrive last month and they’re still using them on what I would consider is a high end unit for Baofeng.

    The A-V85 is getting harder to find as an assessor and especially at a price that isn’t stupid. Luckily I have a spare UV-B5 that I don’t use, and if I needed one desperately, I could always raid the box for that one.

    The UV-5X is on sale on UK ebay for £30.

  4. And Yes, UV-5X look totally different, much better as the standard UV-5 series.
    I am curious if the 5X is better as the UV-5 series and hope Hans is going to test the radio. But I think the UV-B5 is still a better radio.

  5. need to test and review this badboy afterwards.
    Pofung GT-1 – the BF888s replacement.

    it’s got a 7.2v 1800ma battery as opposed to the original 3.6v 1500ma, so it may actually put out 4-5w. 🙂
    i’ll probably get one at that price, but i cant review it because i dont have a power meter 😦

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