Yaesu / Standard Horizon SR-70, SR-100

I ran into these colorful, channel based radios from Yaesu / Standard Horizon. Output is 10 mW only, they do FM and AFSK/FM, and use operating frequencies that are clearly tailored to the Japanese market.

When looking at the accessory list, it seems that these radios are programmable, at least to some extent. From what I understand one channel bank is used for simplex, two other banks are pre-programmed for repeater use.

Looks like fun toys to me, when these would work in our amateur bands. No pricing available, and there’s no guarantee that these radios will ever be sold in an EU or US version.

Flyer (PDF, in Japanese): SR100_SR70_Flyer
Manual (PDF, in Japanese): SR70_manual-1


SR-70 SR-100Some specs:(*)

01ch ~ 11ch : 422.0500MHz ~ 422.1750MHz
1ch ~ 9ch : 422.2000MHz ~ 422.3000MHz

10ch ~18ch :
TX freq. 440.2625MHz ~ 440.3625MHz
RX freq. 421.8125MHz ~ 421.9125MHz

12ch ~ 29ch :
TX freq. 440.0250MHz ~ 440.2375MHz
RX freq. 421.5750MHz ~ 421.7875MHz

– Modulation: F3E (FM), F2D (AFSK/FM)
– Works in simplex and repeater modes
– RF Power Output: 10mW
– Sensitivity:-8dB μV (@ 12dB SINAD)
– Audio output: 60mW (@ 4 Ω, 10% distortion)
– Operating temperature: -10℃~+ 50℃
– Power requirements: Single alkaline AA batteries (33 hours operation)
– Sold separately: nickel-metal hydride battery (39 hours operation)
– Dimensions: 57.0(W) × 88.0(H) × 16.5mm(D)
– Weight: 95g
– Waterproof and dust proof according to IP67

(*) According to my translation attempts; I might have made some errors

4 comments on “Yaesu / Standard Horizon SR-70, SR-100

  1. 10mW you say?

    I already have my KT-980HP up for sale. I’m drooling over the battery life, because I’ll never PTT as there will be no one within range.

    I can just about hear them in the local hotel 500 yards away, using PMR446 with 500mW and I live in a rural location.

    Still, if you want to radio upstairs to see if the toilet is free and the air breathable, then I suppose it has its uses.

    I’d be interested in a price comparison with a wide banded UV-B5.

    • Yes, 10 mW… that’s why I referred to it as a ‘nice toy’. I’m still in the dark when it comes to the target audience. Not hams, I’m sure. The power output is identical to the European license free LPD radios.

      Range will not be worth anything from radio to radio, but the repeater function and AFSK/FM mode triggered my curiosity. Apparently these radios can do things you don’t see anywhere else. Maybe they will produce a more powerful version one day, who knows?

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