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DKARS-1DKARS stands for the Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society. Its goals are:

  • To represent the interests of amateur radio operators in European and Caribbean Netherlands;
  • To represent the amateur radio interests at local, regional, national and European authorities; promoting the radio hobby (especially for the younger people);
  • Promotion of Radio Engineering / Telecommunications in general and in education in particular;
  • The use of amateur radio emergency services, especially of the BES islands;
  • Issuing of its own FREE monthly PDF magazine;
  • Help with antenna permit problems (especially in the Netherlands);
  • Solving (mainly) in the Netherlands of increasing interference problems, things like power line communications, plasma TV’s and not CE marked products will have our attention;
  • And more issues that might attract our attention

The DKARS magazine is bi-lingual, part of the content is written in English, the other part is written in Dutch. Main website: Part of an example article below:


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You can also contribute to the magazine! Just use the contact form and let the editors know.