Baofeng Speaker/Mic with tilt swivel belt clip

Not sure if tilt swivel adds anything to the existing designs, but if you like it Baofeng has one (AliExpress Link). Price: $6.72, which includes shipping. I can’t make one myself for that price.

*Edit* SP7UKL( let me know that this model is equipped with a dual PTT button.

Baofeng Mic Baofeg Mic2


9 comments on “Baofeng Speaker/Mic with tilt swivel belt clip

      • It is known as the BF04 Baofeng speaker mic.

        I saw it on ebay at the weekend on a new seller trying to build up his feedback, but I dipped out when it got to £4, but I did get the UV-B5 for £14 delivered.

        The specs looked slightly better than the standard mic.

  1. I bought this speaker but I noticed the red light on the speaker comes on only when the top (A) button is pressed, and never for the bottom (B) button. Is that normal or is it a defect?

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