Anytone mobile radios: from crap to cool

The early versions of Anytone radios were, well, kinda crappy. Things have changed, thanks to guinea pigs called ‘hams’, who sorted out the many bugs. The latest firmware and PCB revisions took care of most flaws.

Now Anytone radios are so good that many other manufacturers use their design. In most cases they just relabel the radio, but others try to make something more original. The quality of all these radios is about the same, with one notable exception: Alinco. This manufacturer perfected the Anytone designs before they started selling their latest VHF/UHF radios.

China Dull Syndrome
‘Most Flaws’ I said earlier. There’s one flaw which seems as hard to eradicate as malaria: dull sounding microphones. No highs, no lows, way to little punch. Many HTs suffer from the same China Dull Syndrome. So far Alinco is the only brand not suffering from this.

PLEASE, Chinese manufacturers, start supplying BETTER microphones with your radios!

The Anytone AT-5888 (dual-band) family

Anytone-3Anytone AT-5888, Powerwerx DB-750X, Polmar DB-50, Intek HT-2040, Alinco DR-638 and probably many more I don’t know of.

Polmar DB-50MThe Anytone AT-588 (mono-band) family

Anytone-AT588These radios are available in VHF or UHF versions. Other brands using this design: TYT TH-9000, Zastone MP-600, TID TD-M588, KST K-9000, MTP-338, Retevis RT-9000D, Alinco DR-138/DR-438.

Same PCB, but with a slightly different, refreshed look: Yanton (no model number given).

Yanton-2With the exception of Alinco all these Anytone-based radios are likely equipped with poor microphones.

Bottom line: I now feel comfortable enough to recommend buying one of these radios. Finally.


4 comments on “Anytone mobile radios: from crap to cool

  1. I’m a little puzzled why some Chinese company hasn’t made after-market mics. There are certainly many making Kenwood-style speaker mics for the Chinese HTs, so there’s precedent.
    It seems to me that the actual mic element is an afterthought in most of these designs, as there’s little room left after all of the buttons are laid out.
    The mic jack pinouts are supplied for the TH-9000, so maybe some enterprising ham could simply put a re-wired plug on a good mic and start selling them. Then the Chinese would copy that, and the problem would be solved.

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