Anyone able to make sense of this?

Just when I thought that the basics of this hobby would never change, I got the weirdest e-mail ever. I felt an almost irresistible urge to buy a one-way ticket for the guy to a location where he can test his theory.


Dear Hans

Since Ebola is becoming a serious threat to the world at large, we wanted to help promulgate this email from physicist Gary Wade to a friend.  Please pass this on to anyone you know in the AM/FM broadcasting business so their engineers can assess this as a possible tool in helping to contain and avert a disaster.

Ebola must be destroyed.  It can be destroyed by using the local radio stations in infected areas.  You tune the station to a carrier frequency and then amplitude modulate it with a signal function generator that very slowly changes its frequency in a continous fashion.  From fourier theory you generate frequencies (F) of radio waves that have electric fields oscillating frequencies given by the formula: F = Fc  +  MFam,  and   F = Fc  – NFam; where F is the radio wave frequencies generated, Fc is the carrier wave frequency, Fam is the frequency of amplitude modulation, and M and N are the integers (1,2,3,4,5, etc.).

For example you can quess various frequency ranges the Ebola virus lethal ultrasound frequency is in and experiment. Remember that radio waves passing through a person generate ultrasound of the same frequency as the frequency of the radio wave. This is because the charge constituents in person’s body oscillate back and forth with the polarity of the electric field of the radio wave as it passes through the body. This mechanical oscillating back and forth at the frequency of the electric field of the radio wave creates pressure waves (ultrasound) of the same frequency as the radio wave. Now this ultrasound generation process is a weak one, however the viruses are in general very high Q oscillators.

What that means is that these viruses will very efficiently absorb their mechanical structural resonant frequency (ies) from this weak source and build up vibrational energy inside its structure until it self-destructs (ruptures apart).

I recommend that you go to the articles section on my web site rifeenergymedicine . com and read Appendix D for the details.  When the radio station stumbles on the right frequency at adequate signal intensity, the infected people for miles around the radio station will experience a massive destruction of viruses in their body. They will very much notice this and report it.

Now just keep repeating this scanning process in the discovered narrow modulation frequency range and shut Ebola down.  By experimentation the best combination of carrier and modulation frequency can be found and the actual frequency that destroys the virus “best” can be determined.

Gary Wade


8 comments on “Anyone able to make sense of this?

  1. It looks like a hoax to me.If as he says the Virus is a hi Q Oscillator then how does it absorb? He should have said it has hi Q response if he knew what he was talking about. Yes a microwave oven would work but then all the body cells would fry – including the virus.

  2. That’s what I was thinking ..
    Microwaves ( as in oven )
    If ebola ruptures ?
    What other cells are going to rupture with it ?
    Is this person suggesting genocide ? VIA microwave .
    Kill everyone within the effected area , there by removing the threat .


  3. Seems like an awesome opportunity to make fame (and become the saviour of the human kind). I’d go for it.

    If there’s no truth in it, then why would he write to you?

    After all, what can go wrong???
    Oh, maybe the pharmaceutical industry would come after you and try to kill you.

    Or… whatever 🙂

  4. i understand what the guy is saying, but i think it’s dangerous.

    it’s a fact that you can destroy virus’s and bacteria using resonance to get the target to burst.
    but this has traditionally been done with a dc oscillator running off of a 9v or 18v battery pack to limit current and voltage for safety and is done with a pair of electrodes held in the hands.
    also, it’s limited to a maximum of 2hours per 24hours.

    it sounds like this guy just thinks you can broadcast the same frequency’s and get the same effect, but the power levels involved and the fact that a carrier wave must be added has me very concernedif anybody actually tries it!!

    it’s all based on the work of Dr Hulda Clark.
    there are lots of microcontroller based designs based on the theory such as here:

    i do not think this should be attemped by radio!!!

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