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VERO-webVero Telecom started their own WordPress blog (link).

In one article they point out some differences between the Yaesu FTM-350 and their VR-6600PRO. Vero is also present on Google+ (link).

Speaking of Google+, the Chinese ham radio equipment community has now 581 members (and counting).

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      • Thanks Hans.
        VeroTel has a minimum advertised price that they want to keep of $420. The MSRP they recommend is $460. I imagine that if I get these radios in stock, I will be able to sell them for less than $420, but I will have to wait and see how it works out.

        I am a little hesitant about these radios because $400 for a Chinese Ham Radio seems high. VeroTel swears to me that they are a great-quality radio, but they won’t send me a sample radio for testing, so I haven’t had my hands on one yet. I am hoping to place an order soon and get the chance to test one, but so far, I haven’t had any interest in the pre-order page I put up on my website.

        I did create a Yahoo Group for discussion of this radio:

      • Hi Jason,

        I don’t like Yahoo Groups much since they changed the layout; I come there less and less.

        It’s a confusing user interface at best, I really have to force myself to check them at regular intervals.

        Google+ on the other hand starts to grow on me.

  1. if the manual will be in the same quality english as the website, we’re in for a treat….
    Well if you like solving puzzles and riddles…….
    They probably should have used google translate 🙂

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