Trying to receive Global 24 Radio

Global Radio LogoWhile shortwave listening is pronounced dead by many, Global 24 Radio started to broadcast on October 31.

This broadcast can be heard 24/7 on 9395 KHz, using the transmitter of WRMI (Radio Miami International), located in Okeechobee, Florida. The power output is 100 kilowatt.

Global 24 radio

I had to stay up late, but picked up the signal a few times with a signal strength varying between S7 and S9. Ben PA2OLD reported that he had problems receiving the station on a horizontal antenna system, but could pick it up quite well on a vertical.

That proved to be true here too. The signal is hard to pick up on my SW antenna, a system constructed around nested dipoles. When I switched to my 5/8 wave vertical, an antenna designed for 10 meters, the signal improved considerably. Horizontal polarization doesn’t seem to do very well in this case.

The most plausible explanation is that Global 24 Radio has no backup transmitters located outside the USA. From my location an antenna with a low angle of attack (such as a good vertical) clearly outperforms a horizontal antenna, even when not designed to work well on the given frequency.

Tip: If you run into an unknown station, go to and type in the frequency. Great website, highly configurable.

Short-wave.infoGlobal 24 Radio would love to hear from their listeners. Reception reports can be sent to:
Global 24 Radio
2719 Hollywood Blvd  B-16
Hollywood FL 33020 USA

Be sure to include:
1) SINPO Report
2) Mailing Address for QSL Card (if desired)


2 comments on “Trying to receive Global 24 Radio

  1. A friend of mine, K7LNP, does a radio show out of Salt Lake UT that was just picked up by Global24. Listen for Fringe Radio on Saturday nights. 73 W9CLL

  2. Hans

    I have been receiving them quite well here in the UK this week. Seems to be better after 10pm UTC. Last night I listened to Glenn Hausers World of Radio. On Monday it was a relay broadcast from PCJ International. No big setup here just an FRG-7 and 15m long wire.

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