Wouxun KG-UV950PL – Quad Band 4/6/2/70

Interesting news Tim G4VXE picked up is that both Wouxun and TYT will be offering a version of their quad-band mobiles which will include 70MHz (source: amateurradio.com). The Wouxun KG-UV950PL is already available and listed on the website of Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd (link). The price is £249.99 (including 20% VAT). According to the specs the output on 4 meters is 50 Watts, FM only.KG-UV950PL

4 comments on “Wouxun KG-UV950PL – Quad Band 4/6/2/70

  1. Pity! I bought the 950P model. There is very little if any, local activity here on 50 or 70MHz unless there is some sort of lift then the band comes alive!

    73 G1KQH

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