Alinco – Anytone connection: the answers (or lack of)

While testing the Alinco DR-438 I tried to get a statement from Alinco regarding the use of Anytone designs. It was a simple letter with as little questions as possible:

I wonder if you would be willing to shed some light on the latest Alinco ham VHF/UHF radios, which obviously aren’t original Alinco designs, but made by Anytone China.

Examples are DR-638, DR-138 and DR-438. The DR-438 is under test as we speak.

  1. What was the reason for Alinco to re-brand Chinese radios instead of developing their own?
  2. Will Alinco cease to exist as an independent designer / manufacturer?
  3. Will there be any consequences for other product ranges, such as hand held radios and HF transceivers?

Yours sincerely,

Hans / PD0AC

Alinco Japan chose not to answer my e-mails.

Alinco UK answered very quick, but it’s obvious their hands are tied:

We are UK distributors for Alinco only, sorry but I am not authorized to comment on behalf of Alinco Japan on their manufacturing policy,  I am sure you understand.

I would suggest you contact them directly to answer questions on their manufacturing policy. I love the blog and will keep an eye on it for the future.

Alinco USA answered too, and proved to be more informative:

Hello Hans,

We have reviewed your site carefully on this matter and concluded that it would be best if the response came from Alinco Japan directly. We are simply their Distributor/Rep in the USA.

However I can assure you as I write, I have an Alinco Radio that I am Beta testing that is solely designed, developed and built by Alinco. There are many other developments that are underway in Japan by Alinco that I cannot disclose at this time.

I thank you for your support.

For privacy reasons I removed the names of the persons who answered my e-mail.

At least this answers question #2: no, Alinco won’t cease to exist as an independent designer / manufacturer. For now the other questions will remain unanswered, unless one of my readers has more information.

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  1. First time Post but long time reader. I was wondering that my self. If you look at the AnyTone 3318 and compare it to the Alinco DJ500 new edition you see similarities in the two. There are differences between the two such as key placement and main LCD layout but they are alike in other ways such as programming and even the antenna connector. This is the first Alinco HT I have seen with a Baofeng style SMA Male connector on the radio.

  2. Have you seen any software that can program a Anytone radio with Linux OS. I can get the CHIRP on Linux but the radio I need is a 3318 ht. All CHIRP has is the 588. I am wondering if any Alinco software would work on this radio

    • Alinco software won’t work; Chirp is very strict when it comes to firmware versions. Contact the developers of Chirp and ask if they have anything in the pipeline for your Anytone HT.

  3. That have it scheduled but that has been since May with no changes. The reason being is they back engineer it and they don’t have a radio to do that with. They can not just run out and buy a radio every time a new model comes out so they are at the mercy of people loaning one. I thought about RT systems but I can not find a Linux version for them either, I may have to put an older copy of windows xp on my computer but I don’t know how to do that with the Linux on (insert confused computer jargon here). Sadly this is the only thing I need windows for.

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