Alinco DX-10

Some questions around the Alinco – Anytone connection pointed to another radio: the Alinco DX-10. This radio is part of Alinco’s official product range.

Alinco DX-10

CB enthusiasts will recognize the radio immediately as an incarnation of the CRE-8900. And yes, it’s an Anytone design, not dissimilar to the Superstar SS-6900N I reviewed a while ago.

8 comments on “Alinco DX-10

  1. I wonder if this version has the harmonic suppression issue you mentioned in your review fixed or not. It would be a shame if Alinco put out a radio like that.

    • It depends on your way of looking at things, these radios can be fun for mobile use for example.

      The CB-alike channelized system however can be a real pain in the butt. 5KHz steps are just impractical; it’s easy to miss a signal. In the end these radios can’t compete with the radios we’re used to.

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