AOR AR-DV1, a new breed of receiver

If the preliminary information is accurate, the AOR AR-DV1 will be THE receiver of choice when you want to listen in to modern communication.


Until now, multi-mode meant AM, FM (wide & narrow), SSB and CW. The AOR adds the following popular digital modes:

  • DMR (Digital Mobile Radio),
  • dPMR (Digital Private Mobile Radio),
  • D-Star,
  • APCO-25,
  • NXDN,
  • Yaesu Digital (System Fusion),
  • Alinco Digital,
  • Digital-CR,
  • AOR G4GUO ( as used in ARD9000/9800)

AR-DV1-2As you can see AOR even added a voice inverter, better known as scrambler (or, in this case, de-scrambler). AOR also promises an excellent image rejection and ultra-low internal spurious thanks to 1st I.F frequency set to 1.705GHz.

Communications can be recorded and stored on an SD card. No word on pricing at this time.

Links: AOR (What’s New), Brochure, pre-release (PDF)



11 comments on “AOR AR-DV1, a new breed of receiver

  1. white case, orange/amber display…. blue backlight for keys……
    Looks like high “my first sony” level to me….
    hopefully this are not the final colors….
    just my oppinion , its ugly 😛

    if it lives up to the AOR standard, this without a doubt will be a very good receiver…

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