The Zastone ZT-2R is back

It caused a stir. After a few raving reviews (one of which was published here) the radio sold out in the blink of an eye, never to be seen again, let alone at the initial price point of $80. But the Zastone ZT-2R, a 100% copy of the Yaesu VX-2R, is back.
Zastone ZT-2R BoxAt $85.80 (shipping included) the radio is only a few bucks more expensive than when it came out. You have 11 days before the price goes back up to around $110. Link:


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  1. Very good radio. I have one from a month ago. I bought it in aliexpress. Works great, but battery life is short, even using it as a scanner. 100% Yaesu

    • Yes, battery life is short. Fortunately spares are so cheap (Fuji NP-60 equivalent) that you can buy a truckload of them for little money.

      • Yes, seems so – quite a few members of have bought Flashlights, batteries and tools, for the last 10 months, without problems. A few discount coupons can be found online also…!

      • Hallo Hans,
        Ik doe al ruim een jaar zaken met Banggood. Prima site en goede service(lees mailcontact) nog geen enkele misser….kortom een aanrader en goedkoper dan de meeste Ebay-aanbieders.
        73 Richard de PA5RR

  2. Banggood Coupon Code: HOTEST __ Extra 5.5% OFF (Final price $91.52) _ Expires on 6/1/2014

      • No, Zastone is NOT Yaesu. And the FT-60 comparison to a ZT-2R is silly. The FT-60R offers full DTMF keypad, 1000 memories, 108-to-a-gig reception (essentially), large, legible display, easy to manually program, strongest belt clip of any ham radio chassis on the market, as well as a great battery setup: populate the optional FBA-25 case with AA alkalines or NiMH cells, and you have full TX power available to you (if you really need it). There’s no comparison as to which is the proven, solid product.

    • They’re both Yaesu radios, but totally different. If you intend to use your radio for wide band receive too, the miniature ZT-2R might be filling the bill. Power output is low though, and battery life is short. If you want to use it mainly to communicate on the ham bands, the FT-60R might be a better choice: 3 Watts more output power and long battery life.

  3. Used VX-2R units go for around $100 on ebay, less on Craigslist, so is there an advantage to the Zastone?

  4. Ha ha…I logged in thinking the same thing as Paul and am relieved to see that the writer is still OK, I really enjoy his writing style and his reviews (which have got me into ham radio as a hobby since the start of the year, although I work in a country (Saudi Arabia) which is unfortunately very against radios!

  5. I have two of the Zastone ZT=2R radios, purchased for cottage use. It’s six kilometers across my lake to the landing where I leave my boat, and I required that the radio transmit this range. To my disappointment, they would transmit line-of–sight only five kilometers before losing signal. I can’t know if one or both radios are functioning,perfectly to explain this limited range.

    But I also have several Baofeng UV-B5s that will function readily at this range on the lake, including a five kilometer transmission with a fifteen meter high intervening rock hillock , In fact, I was able to measure a transmitting distance of eight kilometers over predominately flat terrain, with a small, intervening hill. I also like the ergonomics of the Baofeng better, particularly the knob functions.

    • Mine shows FCC approval on the back, but lacks an ID. Because it’s a 100% copy of the Yaesu VX-2R, I don’t expect any problems though.

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