Speaker Mic Antenna, a weird accessory

As seen on eBay, and it’s yours for about $15. Strange as this gadget may look, I actually see an advantage when it comes to range. A handheld firmly attached to your belt combined with an ordinary speaker microphone won’t translate into an optimal range. The antenna is just a few feet above ground, and the proximity to your body reduces efficiency even further.

That said, it looks weird, very weird. I can’t see myself walking around with it. Update: my reader’s comments reveal that the quality is very poor; purchase not recommended.



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  1. Hi there!

    I have had the exact same Speaker mic for a year and here are some impressions about it.

    The antenna coax wire that runs from the mic to the HT is terribly stiff. First thing I did was to replace it with a piece of RG174. In the process, the SMA connector came off… just like that! So, yet another part that needed repairing/enhancing.

    Since I thought I would use this item while riding my mountain bike, I tried it and realized I could barely hear the conversations coming from the HT. I set the volume all the way up on a Kenwood TH-F6 and it did not improve much. Same outcome while hiking on a windy day. The volume on the speaker mic was still low for my purposes due to the wind muffling the sound. There was some distortion, too.

    Then comes the PTT button, which is not just as easy as Press To Talk as one would think. The button itself is large enough, but it only has a CERTAIN spot that will make it work.

    I would not bother to buy one. While it was an inexpensive accessory, it turns out that I hardly ever use it as a result of its poor performance.

    Luis – EA1ARW

  2. Leuk Hans! Overigens nog bedankt voor je vorige artikel over chirp. Ik krijg hem echter/ niet lekker aan de praat op OSX of Windows 8.1, de originele Baofeng software doet het wel op Windows 8.1 Ik vermoed dat de Chirp software handling voor de UV-5R niet helemaal jofel werkt.

    73 Tom van derMeer PD0FDX

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  3. I bought one from bamiport.nl on a flea market (for double price in Euros). The bad thing: The manufacturer used RB58 coax which I way too stiff. My connector broke within days. I’d rather see RG174 or any other more flexible coax for this.

  4. its almost as bad the beanie hat with SMA connector on it to put the antenna on top of your head, may only be 4-5 watts depending on radio and VFO, but even that over long exposure time can raddle something inside ya!

  5. This seems like it is just a knockoff of the public safety mics that Motorola makes that have an antenna connection on the mic. The real ones are actually pretty popular in some areas, especially with 800MHZ users. Also they dont have 2 cables like these, it is all built into the same cable

    One thing that i noticed about this one is why bother having the coiled cable if you are still limited in length by the antenna coax? Also i think its kind of funny that the pictures that are supposed to be showing the product in use are not even pictures of the same mic that they are selling.

    • I agree. I use mostly Motorola stuff, and on 440/900 mhz, PS mics really do help. Despite cable loss, their is a noticeable signal improvement over the antenna being at the belt.

      Thinking I could do the same for my baofengs/wouxuns I got one of these. All I can say is don’t buy one. As stated by others, the Coax is rubbish, the speaker is the same, and the two cord thing does not work.


  6. Some time ago, video about one of the Chinese variants (there are many) of this speakermic. This speakermic is not important in itself, it’s the concept which is important to ARES, RAYNET, and others where getting the antenna up or protecting the radio are important.

  7. I also forgot to mention. The quality is quite bad, but not for the price. I paid $9 for mine. I also upgraded the cable with rg174, although my original cable never broke. The next modification to the speakermic will be the 3.5mm earphone output which mutes the main speaker when earbud is plugged in.

    73 ‘s

  8. I got one without the external antenna (they just put a plug in the sma-opening and put a different bottom end in it), and would not recommend buying one. I had to drill a hole for the mic, getting rid of a capacitor (low pass filter – described elsewhere on this blog), stuff the empty shell with fabric and ended up replacing the condenser microphone element, all to improve TX sound quality. With hindsight it was stupid of me buying the thing because it had the most visual appeal. About the hard to reach PTT button: I rather like this. It won’t TX on accident when riding the bike, for sure!

  9. Hello,

    I had the chance to test the similar unit without the antenna. Other looked same incl. the Kenwood on the top. Simply strange… no one understood me and my son using another HT reported to me that there is no continuous modulation, just switched noise like PTT pressed quickly. I made some investigation and found that the problem is in the really overgained modulation chain. When I tried to talk from 50cm (yes half meter!) then it started to work some how. In general there is high distortion in the modulation thanks to high gain and when You speak from so far distance You are getting lot of disturbances and distracting noise in…
    Simply useless accessories and I did not recommended to keep it to friend who asked me for test and help. He asked to refund the money and put away.

    Petr, OK1RP

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