Hamfest Rosmalen 2014, The Netherlands

This was the third year in a row that I visited Rosmalen — something I normally don’t do much. In most cases I go to hamfests to hunt for parts, but the parts I need usually aren’t there. The Internet took over. As a result I didn’t buy anything ham-related, but I did get my hands on 4 1TB Hitachi Deskstar drives, known for their reliability (but they are slightly noisier than other brands).


No enough parts? That would be a lie, but most parts are generic.

A hamfest however is a great meeting place, and it will keep you up to date with the latest developments. The main news revolved around DMR. Bamiporto.nl, the Dutch distributor of Connect Systems, sold 10 CS700 radios even before opening hours, and another 10 pieces were gone when I arrived early in the morning. I don’t know how much of these radios he sold in the end.


Ruud PE1OPG of Bamiporto.nl was selling CS700 radios like hotcakes.

To make the ‘DMR Experience’ complete, a few hams set up a working repeater. Below a picture of Randy PH4X (the guy at the right and the person running hamnieuws.nl), one of the people behind the idea.


Randy showing a Hytera portable DMR radio to interested hams.

Last but not least: the hell with QRP!



4 comments on “Hamfest Rosmalen 2014, The Netherlands

  1. Hoi Hans,

    nice pictures. Is Rosmalen more focused on new gear or do they have a lot of second hand electronics too? I am always hunting for HP or TEK test equipment goodies.

    Jan DK3LJ

    • Jan,

      it varies from year to year. New gear is always present there, and sometimes we see nice second hand test equipment. You just don’t know.

      That said, it’s apparently becoming more difficult to sell used test equipment thanks to upcoming brands like Rigol and Atten. These two companies sell brand new, digital scopes and analyzers for the price of a second hand HP.

      If you add the distorted view on the world some hams have (never write off on the value of your own ancient equipment, but do so when someone else tries to sell it), you have a problem.

      • Hans,

        agreed. People are asking crazy prices. There seems to be too much money floating around. As well, if you look at what they pay in eBay, it becomes hard to believe.

        When I was lucky it was at small hamfests where I show up very early. Occasionally I scored really good equipment at bargain prices. That rarely happens though.

        I am hoping for the RIGOL-Effect 🙂 Their stuff is at a very excellent value, no doubt.


  2. top photo,
    a bright flash ( I thought,was that really necessary?)
    I got the link from a friend,
    there I am, with my plastic bag, looking for………….

    and yes, often too expensive!

    Greetings Rob.

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