Quiet here – fixing my network

Yes, reviews (Puxing PX-973, Luiton DG-318) are about to be finalized, but I had to solve an urgent network problem first.

Too many WiFi connections
The WiFi access point of my modem/router (Siemens SX-762) couldn’t handle the load anymore — I had to reset the router a daily basis. What was connected?

  • Internet radios x 4
  • Android tablets x 3
  • Android phones x 2
  • Sony SMP N200 media player/streamer x 2
  • WD TV Live x 1
  • Notebooks x 3

To solve the problem I extended the wired network with three 8-port TP-Link switches, one for each floor. Now the Internet radios, the SMP-N200s and the WD TV Live are wired, which reduces the number of WiFi devices by 7. No WiFi suffocation occurred to date.

To take the load off the WD TV Live, which also functioned as my NAS, I ordered a Synology USB Station 2. This cheap NAS can make use of my existing 3TB USB drives instead of internal ones.

Synology seems to be the brand of all brands when it comes to NAS technology, thanks to nerd / geek IT expert Alex PA1SBM I didn’t make the wrong decision. I will have 6TB at my fingertips within a few days.

Synology 1

Synology USB Station 2. Cheap and effective.

Synology 2

Two USB disks, two USB printers, or a mix of both.


4 comments on “Quiet here – fixing my network

  1. I’m glad the Puxing (interested on how long it can do a heavy duty cycle cross-band repeat) and the Luiton are coming along, but any update on the VGC VR-6600P review. That, I’m really interested in! Thanks

    • Turn to low TX power, and use an external source for power. I would not rate it at a 100 per cent duty cycle setup by any mweans. But I do know if tests that were two hours long where the ‘973 performed well.

  2. Not really sure if i like the “IT Expert” better then the geek/nerd….. i always found a bit of pride and joy from being a nerd/geek…..
    Anyway, at the moment Synology seems to be the home nas supplier to beat…. and the competition is way behind….
    many ppl i know have one , and all are really pleased with them… I hope you will become a happy synology adapt as well Hans 🙂


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