DMR: a miracle mode?

There are miracle antennas (read my lips!) and now there are miracle modes.

The reach of a DMR radio extends 10 x the distance of FM or D-star at the same Power level.”

DMR Range

Maybe I should do that IQ test; it could be that I lack sufficient intelligence to go on with this hobby.

(Seen at D-Star Radio Club International)


7 comments on “DMR: a miracle mode?

  1. Of course it does 10x the range of other modes! You only have to transmit ones and zeros, very simple, yes, that’s why it carries much further!

  2. Ok, I know they speak a different kind on English in the US, but well, this is a complete new kind of English to me. Maybe that is why we don’t quite understand the article, it’s in a different language. 🙂

  3. The Hytera RD985 repeater can work in dual-mode, so both FM -or- DMR. I guess they combine DMR and D-star by attaching a D-star modem to the analogue part of the box. But, when FM is used, DMR can’t be used. It’s an or/or configuration. One mode at the same time. I guess this is what the writer mentioned.

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