Review INTEK KT-980HP

This is a short review because the INTEK is basically a Baofeng UV-5R on steroids. A new PA stage effectively doubles the power output of the radio: maximal 8 Watts on VHF and maximal 7 Watts on UHF. Contrary to many fantasy brands found on INTEK doesn’t make up crazy numbers. So far, so good.


Intek01Changes in the INTEK KT-980HP
– TX Power Menu offers three output settings: Hi, Mid and Low.
– The INTEK is slightly heavier: 217 grams versus 210 grams.
– More efficient heat dissipation (and it works)
– Special firmware (HP 3.01)

VHF: High 6.4 Watts, Medium 4 Watts, Low 1.1 Watts
UHF: High 5.3 Watts, Medium 3.9 Watts, Low 1.1 Watts

Not quite at the promised levels, but the difference is substantial.

Harmonic suppression:
VHF: 2nd harmonic not detectable (!), 3rd and 4th harmonics -57 dBm
UHF: 2nd harmonic -42 dBm, 3rd harmonic -53 dBm.

Acceptable on VHF, slightly disappointing on UHF.



There’s one thing bothering me: what’s the point? Doubling the output power (+3dB) doesn’t necessarily translates into a better range. At high elevations and completely free line of sight (between 2 mountain tops, for example) you might expect an improvement of around 30-40%, but at ground level you likely won’t notice an improvement at all.

All reservations aside: INTEK did a reasonably good job. The radio didn’t quite meet the factory specs, but at least we see some new developments on the market. One thing: the stock antenna is poor, runs dangerously hot and should be replaced by INTEK as soon as possible.

Price: € 69,95. Distributors: K-PO.COM,


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  1. Hi, did you measure the harmonics with the txpower on maximum? I’m curious about the medium seting. Maybe it performs a lot better if the output power transistor isn’t overdriven.

    • Actually most Chinese radios perform worse when the power is set to minimum. Don’t ask me why, I never looked into that phenomenon. The UV-3R is a fine example — horrible on low power, somewhat less horrible on high power.

      This radio was measured at high and low, but there was no noticeable difference between the two settings.

      • Well, odd…. it depends on how you reduce power. Less voltage? Less power from the driver? Sometimes with these SDR based radios it’s not always clear.

        If you have a UV-3R, try to measure on VHF both on low and high. It’s as Baofeng found a way to defy physics or logic.

      • Thanks Hans, my mistake, I saw the 7.5 watts output on the Rhodes meter and thought that was your testing. I guess they over rated it a bit, I may stay with my plans to but two Baofeng UV-82’s.

      • Thanks, for occasional use while stationary or carefully moving with it I plan to add a AL-800 telescoping antenna to the UV-82. I dont think I could beat the range I would then get with that combination after reading antenna testing reviews. Any idea why/how (aside from the obvious) they Intek, tested out at 7.5 watts vhf hi out when your test revealed more than a watt less??

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  3. With this amount of RF, I do worry about what the affects could be using it so close to the eyes or even the internals of ones head?

    73s G1KQH

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  5. Hello there, I recently bought this radio from a local store in my town for about 100€ including an external antenna (Diamond HC100S). Everything looks fine but I got an issue with it, when I transmit with High power setting and with full battery near 172.500MHz the signal does not pass to the central dispatch which is about 25-30KM away, although I used to own an Intek KT-380EE 5Watts VHF and I must say it worked way better and the signal was clear when transmitting to the central dispatch on the same distance (25-30KM away)

    So if this is an 8Watts radio, how come my signal doesn’t pass through?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. I bought this little radio and the power is good; on my rs 40 it says 8 w vhf, 10 w uhf (diamons hp7000 antenna). I am disapointed of uhf reception. It is very noisy ; the sensitivity is too high and it gets overloded most of time. How can I desense it on UHF? Maybe a new firmware I hope so….The reception on VHF is good

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