Baofeng GT-3 Additional Notes

I borrowed a second sample, in the hope that the poor harmonic suppression was a fluke. Nothing changed, my initial review of the Baofeng GT-3 still stands. Note: the initial results were cross-checked on two different analyzers at two different locations, just to make sure we didn’t make a mistake.

I did some more tests with after market antennas. It didn’t make much of a difference which one I picked: the $3.79 antenna, the Nagoya NA-701 or the antenna that comes with the UV-82 and the UV-B5. I really like the UV-82 / UV-B5 antennas because they perform above average, are sturdy and fit perfectly (no gap between the base of the antenna and the radio).

With the GT-3 stock antenna hearing and/or opening up some distant VHF repeaters proved to be hard or impossible. With the other three it was no problem.

Some owners complained that they can’t charge the radio while the belt clip is attached. Mine doesn’t have that problem. Either there are two different chargers delivered, or different (longer) belt clips.

I had to pay the full amount, $70. Listings now show that the price went down to just under $50. That’s more realistic for what you get, and on par with the average price of the Baofeng UV-82.

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  1. Hi
    i was thinking on purchasing the GT-3 as my first radio or uv-b5… if i go with GT-3 can’t find the antenna used on the uvb5/6 or uv-82 can u give a link ? or a part number of a sort ? can’t find that kind of info anywhere …
    also saw this … or this is advertised as uv-b5/6 antenna and since they deliver to Europe ( or should i say Italy … where i am atm ) i thought
    i would ask before ordering
    one more question … from what i read u prefer UV-B5 over GT-3 ? or is that just because the price of the GT-3 is a bit high ( $70 i think with delivery )

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