“Could you please review the Kenwood TH-F5?”

Kenwood-TH-F5Dear reader(s), I would if there was such a radio. The Kenwood TH-F5 doesn’t exist. It’s a fake, one of many. The radio is actually a cheap TYT TH-F5 mono-band HT.

Counterfeiting, a Chinese Disease
Counterfeiting well-known brands is all too common on websites like AliExpress.com. So far I have never (ever!) seen genuine Kenwood, Icom or Yaesu radios there.

Most fakes are easy to recognize, but some are not. I’ve ran into counterfeited radios which looked absolutely identical to the original, but a small piece of text gave them away in the end: “Works just like the original.” Ha!

In short: even when a radio looks genuine, please remember that you can’t get a top brand for less than $50. Period. When in doubt, contact your local Kenwood, Icom or Yaesu dealer and have them check it out.

No reviews?
No, I won’t review counterfeits. I’ll report them instead.

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