28 MHz plays dead, 27 MHz (over)crowded

I tried a few different modes and frequencies, but no one answered to my calls. Weird, one MHz down I could hear hundreds of stations from around the world fighting for a spot in the spectrum. Hmmm.

I switched on the CB radio and gave a CQ on channel 6 (27.025 MHz) in AM, the place to be if you want to talk to an American truck driver. With just a few Watts (legal limit) into a vertical I didn’t give myself much of a chance.

Immediately the S-meter of my ancient 23-channel Sharp radio slammed into the corner. “You’re booming here, Amsterdam, S9+20 dB, God Bless from 227, the Pennsylvania Pimp!”

LOL! Gotta love their handles.


8 comments on “28 MHz plays dead, 27 MHz (over)crowded

  1. Like to monitor 27.555 MHz. Just one center frequency to see all activity. Too bad the CB-pirates use country numbers but a handy printed paper is good help.

  2. Ah the superbowl channel, 27.025 MHz. It’s a 24/7 keydown contest. 1KW would be considered QRP on that channel. You would think they would get bored after a while.

      • You can find a lot of CB keydown competitions on youtube.

        On a side note, I do have a Realistic CB radio given to me by a relative a few years back.Model TRC-431 that was dead. I took the bottom panel off of it and noticed there were some dense foam pads on it. I though that the purpose of those pads were to put some pressure on some components and decided to add more pressure by adding some cardboard to them and what do you know, it came back to life.

  3. Legal limit on CB in holland is still 1 watt am /4 watt fm and 4 watt ssb/ 40 ch….
    A bit odd because EU regulation in most other EU countries is 4/4/12 watt..

  4. Here in Los Angeles CB is dead as a rock. Cell phones killed it. The only activity you hear is African American AM skip daily on Ch 6, Spanish speakers on the upper sideband channels and the usual Asian and Australian skip on 27.4+ area. Too bad too. It used to be fun in the 80’s.

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