7 comments on “Baofeng GT-3 Spare Battery: $187.03

  1. Obviously, a typo… – 1 sold for GBP 12.99, so the seller (Netherlands based!) typed an additional “1” when updating/re-listing the battery…

  2. a few days ago i ordered a pack of four 888s and thereafter the seller told me, that two of them are broken and these were the last one in stock. i got two working radios and a refund, and two days later i saw the price for this bundle grown by having added a ‘1’ forward the first price. so i think, overrated prices say that the radio is sold out. who will buy a wouxunb kgsomething for 1111$? 😀

  3. I got told the sale thing by an ebay seller recently (UV-82 locally stocked at a great price), he simply said when the Baofeng gear is out of stock, they just randomly jack the price to something they know no one will pay, for them it’s easier than removing and relisting when they know new stock is only days away.

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