New trend: x-band repeat handhelds

Most handhelds from China have only one VFO, and dual watch (quickly switching between bands) is the only way to keep track of two frequencies.

A number of new radios coming to the market have two separate VFO’s and can not only receive two frequencies at the same time, but can also function as a cross-band repeater.

px-uv973Puxing (PX-UV973) was the first one, VGC (Vero Telecom) recently announced one (VR-DB2R), and rumors are that Anytone has one in the pipeline too.

Both the Puxing and the VGC are coming this way. ETA unknown at this time.



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  1. Hi Hans! Do you know if these HTs with cross-band repeating also features V/U full-duplex? These would be specially useful for satellite QSOs.

  2. I’ve been following the Puxing for a while and it’s on my wish list, but I think I’ll hold off and see what AnyTone comes up with. I want more than 128 channels and really want two-tone encode/decode (plus all the other standard stuff). I don’t think my wishes are too far out there (like also wanting DMR, P25 and a light saber).

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  4. Is an identical device.
    I have since 4 months.

    Same software as the Puxing 973 20UV_88-web-01.rar

    You can FM radio transmit simultaneously on a 2 meter or 70cm frequency!
    Device is a full repeater.
    So what received on 70cm is then sent to 2 meters.
    Or vice versa.
    Also goes in the same band.
    However, the frequencies should be because some MHz apart. (Crosstalk attenuation).


  5. Ive been looking at the Puxing for a while and reviews seem very good so far, however i have been holding off until i see a more trusted review with actual scientific data to back it up like how your reviews always are.

    Also i am interested to see what the other manufacturers come up with, because i sure that one of them will come up with something unique to stand out from the pack. My vote/wishlist goes to greatly improved scanspeed or MDC1200 encode/decode.

  6. Hey Hans
    I purchased a Anytone AT-3318 a couple of weeks ago, and yes it does have Xband repeat. It is a great little radio which I will be reviewing soon on my blog.

    • The UV 3318 I had a year ago ….
      However, the 3318 UV has another error (signal dropout).
      And it can not be used as a repeater.
      Only dual reception is possible … But otherwise a good device.

    • I successfully did 70cm to 70cm before I read in the manual not to do this because you could damage the radio (I did the frequencies far apart).

    • In Cross-band Repeater mode section of the manual:
      “*This function cannot use for same frequency repeater, the same frequency interfere would damage the radio, this means it works with U-V, V-U, cannot work in U-U or V-V”
      Side story – I got to use the UV-973 during the great Atlanta snow storm 2 days ago. Took me 8 hrs (normally 30 min) to drive home. It worked great. I got better info from other Hams than from the radio stations.

  7. @ Ken.
    It works! (Here 142 and 157 MHz)
    What has been described in the manual is just a precaution in case of unattended operation.
    It can swing high and not the carrier off (Interference).
    Then you can just remove the battery.
    The inzige drawback to the whole story is not the squelch which
    set high enough leaves (carrier trembles).
    Since Puxing has yet to rectify!.


  8. The radio is NOT a “replacement” for the Kenwood TH-D72A and its excellent satellite V/U and U/V modes. Although I am still working on it, my tentative tests with SO-50 are not excellent. (Sure wish we still had AO-51 up there for these tests!) But even if it does not perform like the US$450 Kenwood, it is still a true dual-receive, great performing unit for less than US$100.

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