Shi Ying DMR Digital Handheld

Chinese manufacturers discovered DMR, whether it’s DMR Tier II, dPMR, or something in between. The latest Chinese offering is made by Shi Ying. How Chinese can it sound?

Retail price (without GPS): $399.95. One-time Introductory price: $299.95 (This offer expires Feb 6, 2014). Information and prices supplied by Import Communications.

A quick search reveals that the radio is also present on under the names BFDX (click here) and Luiton (click here). This doesn’t surprise me a bit — Chinese brands often aren’t really brands at all, just a bunch of stickers with your name on it.

*update* Bond Telecom mailed the following about the Luiton version:

The price of DG-318 is USD162/pc.
Shipping to Netherlands is USD46 via DHL for 1pc.

Total price is USD162/pc + USD46 = USD208.0

That’s not bad, and you probably get a discount when you order a bunch of these radios.




General Specifications:

MotoTRBO compatible
Single Band Radio
Digital  +  Analog  Modes
Frequency Ranges (one range per radio): 136-174 MHz / 350-390 Mhz / 400-470 MHz
160 Memory Channels
Programming software available
50 Zones
GPS Optional  (good signal precision, < 10m)


Output Power: high power 5 Watts, low power 1 Watt
FM Modulation: 12.5 kHz: 8K50F3E
4FSK Modulation
12.5 KHz, data only: 7K60FXD
12.5 kHz, data and voice: 7K60FXE
Digital Vocoder  –  AMBE+2TM


Analog Sensitivity  –  0.25 uV (12 dB SINAD)
Digital Sensitivity  –  5% BER:  0.25 uV
Intermod Rejection  –  60 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity  –  60 dB
Audio Output  –  1200 mW


5 comments on “Shi Ying DMR Digital Handheld

  1. Lolquote: “Chinese made, American inspired”
    Dit is de eerste Chinese DMR transceiver die ik zie waarvan ik denk dat het een en ander inderdaad compatible is met de ETSI DMR Tier 2 normering maar gezien het geringe prijsverschil met de reeds bewezen Hytera PD785 voor 409 euro zou ik de gok zelf niet willen nemen. Oke, de goedkoopste Hytera handheld heeft geen GPS maar dit wordt momenteel toch niet ondersteund door het DMR-netwerk in Nederland.

      • You don’t need roaming to work over repeaters in RM-mode (as far as I know). It’s only for automatic switching between repeaters while driving around. Can’t imagine it’s too much work to twist the rotary dial one click to change frequency before driving another 30-50 miles.

  2. agreed with the price Jason, ‘cheap’ chinese HTs $300 .. no way.
    they just wont sell *that many* – just at $180 its much more realistic,
    here in the UK at $180 (about £110 UK) US they would absolutely clean up, but the *very rare* European importers that will ship the CS700 somehow manage to double the price, for that price I buy Motorola, as its M*U*C*H better quality in every respect and well supported & performing .. come-on China .. ship Europe £110 DMR teir 2 HTs and you will make a killing… just sayin’

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