Review new CB radio: President Obama

Preliminary results:

  1. It’s black
  2. Talks a lot, but doesn’t seem to do much
  3. RX completely deaf
  4. NSA (Non Synchronous Audio) bug
  5. Will stop functioning at 11:59 am on January 20, 2017

President Obama


9 comments on “Review new CB radio: President Obama

  1. Could have laughed this off until your first bigoted comment. Would you call out a white guy as “#1 It’s white” ? I suspect not. That’s the first thing to jump out at you? Too bad, you occasionally had some interesting content. I tend to think there are a lot of low life racists in the US. I guess the Dutch have them too.

    • Joe….. Settle down!!!!!! The radio is black and so is Obama. I haven’t seen a radio painted white either.

    • Yes there are many low-life racists in the US, that is why we elected a black President. Maybe you should wake up and look around for a change.

      This is a funny post because the points made are 100% accurate.

    • Takes a race-baiter to ignore the fact that thousands of informal product reviews have mentioned that “It’s black.” Black equipment appeals to a large number of technical-minded people. And for those for whom it does appeal, it is usually strongly preferred. Hence, they feel inspired to express this.

      We are living in an era where calling someone else a bigot, makes you a bigot of an entirely new distinct class.

      The President’s race was mentioned in jest as a humorous comparison. In no way was hate presented. Period. It was only insisted upon by a certain reader.

  2. LOLz

    I found a mistake. #5 is incorrect. According to records, it stopped functioning already: on January 20, 2009.

    And Barack Hussein Obama is not black. He is half-black. America’s first black president was William Jefferson Clinton. :-p

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