Senior Moment

MB-506I killed my frequency counter. I was in a hurry and didn’t check my test configuration.

I forgot the external attenuator.
I forgot to push the -20dB switch.

I rammed so much signal into the 2.4 GHz input that the prescaler (MB-506) died.

It took a while before I could figure out what exactly died. Ever tried to disassemble a quality counter? There’s metal shielding everywhere, not the easiest stuff to remove.

I’m a dumb ass.

3 comments on “Senior Moment

  1. Lives there a ham
    With soul so dead
    Who never to himself has said.

    “Oh, NO!”

    As Edison said, he invented the light bulb because he ran out of ways to fail at making a light bulb.

    So, count me in with your good company.

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