Stuff in the PD0AC pipeline

I expect 2014 to be a good and busy year for radio reviews. Below a list of things to come.

  1. Baofeng GT-3. I should have had the review sample more than a week ago, but SainSonic isn’t very honest when it comes to promised shipping times. The radio’s location is Rotterdam, about one hour drive from here. When I ask about the reasons for the delay, the seller mentions shipping times of 20-40 days. Say what? Even worse, SainSonic (Sainstore / Nextbigthink on eBay) flagged the radio as being shipped, while in reality it’s not. According to PostNL the shipment is ‘being prepared by sender’ for almost a week now.
  2. Zastone ZT-2R. Interestingly, Zastone doesn’t list their own creation anymore. What is going on here? Sued by Yaesu? The radio is still available elsewhere, but shipping hit a snag here also. The first AliExpress seller I approached advertised the radio, but didn’t have even one in stock. He got caught by the AliExpress safety net almost instantly, and my money was promptly refunded — without me even having to ask for it. Eat that, eBay & PayPal! The second seller was lighting fast; radio is on its way.
  3. The VGC VGC VR-6600P. This will take some more time and can’t be rushed. I expect a lot from this radio.

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  1. I too have had problems in the past with the slowness from Sainsonic? Must admit they did put it right they immediately shipped from a UK address after I complained after 5 weeks of nowt turning up, and I was told to keep their first attempt from China when it finally arrived which it did 6 weeks later, so I ended up with 2 for the price of one.

    73 Steve


  2. Ordered and received a Zastone zt-2r in december, payed about 60EUR including shipping (eBay). Smashing radio for the price, but when I wanted to order another one it was close to 280EUR from the same seller(!) And it does not seem to be cheaper anywhere else on eBay…


    • Classic. Chinese know nothing resellers caught to the fact its a rebrand of Yaesu. Why sell 100 radios when you can sell one and make same money? 🙂

  3. I just got my ZT-2R today from It´s still available at US$ 85 delivered. I have no commercial relation with them, just passing along the info in case anyone cares.

  4. I had a few minutes to play with the ZT-2R during luch break.
    These are my first impressions:

    1.- Nice overall feel, but squishy buttons with no tactile feedback. Beep ON is a must in dark conditions to ensure key presses are registered.
    2.- Nice TX and RX audio, but max volume is only barely adequate in noisy conditions.
    3.- Pretty decent display for a cheap radio. Crisp and good contrast.
    4.- The rotary encoder tends to drag the volume knob along, inadvertently changing the volume setting. Might fix itself after regular use loosens the knobs.
    5.- VX-2R commander software works great. It was a snap to configure the radio (including the freeband mod) and program my regular frequencies. There is a small snag: the radio (at least my sample and trying with 2 different computers and Windoze flavors) absolutely refuses to be written to – unless you read from it immediately before. So, open a new file to avoid overwiting your settings and memories, read form the radio, switch to the desired file and immediately proceed to write it to the radio. Sounds like a voodoo ritual but worked for me.
    6.- The stock antenna was pretty deaf in my environment. Switched to a Nagoya NA-701 with marked Rx improvement. Haven´t tested yet for Tx.
    7.- Baofeng UV-3R batteries, charger and charging cable work fine. Ditto for a generic rip-off Yaesu VX programming cable.

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