Anytone Luminous Antenna

Let there be light! The Anytone luminous antenna is an old trick in a new package. The performance will likely suck, but it will replace your defective LED flashlight.

SMA Male: price: US $12.28 (ex. shipping). Seller: click here.
SMA Female: price US $16.55 (ex. shipping). Seller: click here.

Anytone Luminous Antenna

Luminous Antenna 2Seller’s description:
1. All of our items are brand new.
2. When transmitting antenna will be luminous.
3. Color of light: Purple.
4. Brand: AnyTone.
5. Model: SRH-1443.
6. Gain: 2.15dBi. (Yeah, right!)
7. Band: Dual Band VHF/UHF.
8. Frequency: 144/430MHz.
9. Max Power: 10Watts.
10. Impedance: 50ohm.
11. V.S.W.R: Less than 1.5.
12. Style: Luminous thumb short antenna.
13. Connector Type: SMA-M or SMA-F.
14. Polarization: Vertical.
15. Radiation: Omni.
16. Antenna length: 88mm.
17. Net weight: 20g.


6 comments on “Anytone Luminous Antenna

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  2. Who cares about RF and SWR when you can have something as cool as that!
    All they need to do now is to have “TOP GUN MODULATOR” attachment and something to go with that sound when you press that orange button.

  3. It’s like Nextel all over again.
    Had one that flashed red white and blue. Kept thinking I was being pulled over when I’d answer the phone at night in my car.
    It always amazes me that what is old is new again.
    Welcome back to the 90’s!

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