They got me. Have to appear in court.

Pretrial notice,

Hereby we inform that you are obliged to come as a defendant to The Court of Atlanta in February 19, 2014 at 09:30 a.m. for the hearing of your case of illegal software use. If necessary you have a right to obtain a lawyer for your protection. You are kindly asked to have an identity document with you. Personal appearance is compulsory.

Please find the plaint note with more detailed case information attached to this letter and study it thoroughly.

Court clerk,
Ava Mason

Glad I’m drowning in Delta Air Lines frequent flyer miles!

This is, of course, an attempt to install malware. I’m running Linux, which means that mainstream malware is of no concern whatsoever. I opened the attachment and, you guessed it, hidden inside the .zip file was a .exe installer, designed to infect Windows systems.



2 comments on “They got me. Have to appear in court.

  1. It’s just crazy how many of these we’re receiving at my QRL, I’m now screening all emails with zip attachments as a countermeasure. Yay users/windows…

  2. I got this at my work email. I contacted my security and they confirmed that it is a phishing email. No formal greeting to me and no contact information for Ava Mason. My work email system automatically removes the “zip.text” attachments for emails from unknown sources.

    Subject: Notice to appear in court N#3015-039

    Notice to Appear,

    Hereby you are notified that you have been
    scheduled to appear for your hearing that
    will take place in the court
    of New York in March 27, 2014 at 11:00 am.

    Please bring all documents and witnesses relating to this case

    with you to Court on your hearing date.
    The copy of the court notice is attached to this letter.

    Note: If you do not attend the hearing the
    judge may hear the case in your absence.

    Yours truly,
    Ava Mason
    Clerk to the Court.

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