New version of Shackbox released

If you never heard of Shackbox (link): this is a Linux distribution specifically designed for ham radio operators. F0FAK, the creator of this distro, writes on Google+:

I am pleased to announce you that Shackbox, get finally a major update after all these years of silence, with sdr, gnuradio and more, all out of the box. The beta release will be soon available for free for you guys for test, you will be the first to get the download link.

shackboxIf some of you already use/ used it, thx for share your comments, and thx to all for your support, during all theses years, shackbox air got more than 20 000 download! Considering that shackbox was created just for a friend who was fighting installing linux, it s quite amazing 🙂 Very happy to share this first post, this first good news with you for my first day in your community 🙂

If you’re interested in Linux, also visit the “Linux in the ham shack” podcasts. Good stuff.


5 comments on “New version of Shackbox released

  1. Nice one!!!,
    I’ll grab a copy this weekend or so, and put it in virtualbox. if impressed ill write something about it, but the idea of an “out of the box” HAM oriented linux distro is to me an awesome way to get hams on a safer , more stable system in the shack…
    I’ll keep you posted Hans.

    • Alex – were you able to install on Virtualbox (I have tried under Win 8 / OSX (Mavericks – both without success, even as I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed on both). WA6BJQ

  2. The Google drive its hosted on already maxed out on downloads, going to have to wait till tomorrow I guess to try installing it on a thumb drive. Dang 😦

  3. So far… no luck – pretty much worthless (I have tried it in VMWare Fusion and VirtualBox without success). Keyboard is mapped to a EuroKeyboard, networking is off (so I cannot load another desktop to fix whatever this is supposed to be), and I can get to a terminal shell – seems a bit half-baked. The joy of Ham Radio / OpenSource. Glenn

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