HP –> Agilent –> Keysight Technologies

Goodbye HP. Goodbye Agilent. Welcome Keysight Technologies.

HP To KeysightUhmm, welcome? The first reactions to the name change are far from positive. EEVBlog writes:

Seriously, WTF!? This name sucks arse.
It sounds like some Wun Hung Lo company on ebay selling rip-off phone chargers.
They may as well have called it the “Happy Lucky Instrument Co”.

At least Agilent had a professional kind of ring to it when used as a single word .
Hey, check out my new Agilent scope” works.
Hey, check out my new Keysight scope” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

A former HP / Agilent employee wrote to me by e-mail: “I’m glad I don’t have to be put up with that”.

My take: starting today, the Chinese brand Rigol will be recognized better.
“Hey, check out my new Rigol scope”. Wow, nice!
Hey, check out my new Keysight scope”. Key what?


3 comments on “HP –> Agilent –> Keysight Technologies

  1. I don’t see the problem. Humans are creatures of habits! Once we get used to the name Keysight, it’ll all be just fine. Also, don’t forget about all the money that can be invested in the electronic test and measurement department, now that the life sience department no longer has to be supportet!

    I am happy about the fact that this change has been made. Ron Nersesian will continue to do a great job and lead Keysight Technologies to place that could have never been reached by Agilent Technologies as an electronic test and measurement distributor.

  2. Since 2006 I could abstract from the name change “Agilent”, since I knew it was a HP spin-off. With the name “Keysight”, all inheritance is lost.
    Good news though…. they will have to reduce sales prices by 50% in order to get things sold.

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