Another big Wouxun dealer speaks out

Just like our Dutch Wouxun dealer, Martin Lynch & Sons Ltd UK didn’t experience significant problems with Wouxun either:

As the main distributor for Wouxun brand for many years I guess you would say that I unable to agree with Ed, but I am. We have sold THOUSANDS of their entire range and bar a very very low percentage of failures, have not encountered the problem he reports.

My guess is he has a beef with Wouxun and I have to say has gone about reporting the issue in a very amateur and unprofessional way. I could indeed report on my findings with Anytone but I wouldn’t dream of reporting the findings on an open forum. What I will say is that I stopped selling AT many years ago and continue to support the excellent Wouxun brand.

ML&S Ltd UK,

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4 comments on “Another big Wouxun dealer speaks out

  1. It is good to hear another dealer stand up for Wouxun. All I can really say is that I have not seen this issue myself and I hope that I never do.

  2. We provide professionals in the Search and Rescue Community with the UVD1P. Have probably gone through 400 or so in total over the years. The main lesson we have learned is to not sell the stock antenna with the radio and will only sell good quality antennas that match the frequencies they will be using. I personally use a KG-816, and UVD1P, taking one to work every day. They also get abused by being left in the charger too long. The particular problem noted about memory loss is not something I’ve seen in about 4 years. The biggest failing item for us has been the speaker mic’s, they seem to have a life span no greater than 6 months, so we have gone to the Kenwood compatible Pryme mic instead.

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