Review Baofeng GT-3 by KC5HWB

Baofeng GT-3Jason KC5HWB posted a nice review of the Baofeng GT-3 on his blog

The outcome is more or less what I expected: apart from the price not much really changed. After reading other reports the only thing I expected to be better is the squelch, but no word about that. Pity of the poor stock antenna that comes with the radio. At this price point you would expect something better like the UV-B5 or UV-82 antenna (which are identical, BTW).

Jason concludes:

The radio isn’t worth the $62 price tag, though I expect this to go down after it has been on the market for a while. I would rather have the BaoFeng UV-82 that is currently listed for $39 on Amazon. It performs better, has a better antenna, and is more sturdy than the GT-3.

My final assessment is that the radio works as expected, it small and light-weight, but is too expensive. Currently the UV-5R on Amazon is less than $30 while this one is still priced at $62. I’d say buy 2 of the UV-5Rs before spending money for a radio that is basically the same, but just looks different.

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  1. If you really want a treat, try the TYT TH-UV8R. Amazing TX Mod. Best HT from China!!!! 73-Ron VA7 VRV.

  2. got my GT3 a day before xmas. wasnt able to program it with my cables, so i complained at the ebay seller. got a second one for free (!). also didnt work to program. sent them to a dude who almost programs every rig and he did it at least. but when i wanted to change a parameter a while later, i failed again.
    i sold both then to some friends who use them “as is”, without a financial leak. i am done with the goodlooking, handy GT3. 😦
    btw: my cables (prolific&FTDI) run my TG-UV2, 888s and UV-B6 without problems…

  3. I have also the GT-3 and it’s sound (TX+RX) is much better than de UV-5R series. Programming is not a problem with the cable that I used to use for the UV-5RG and RA+

  4. I’ve got one as well and can’t say I’m too impressed compared to i.e. the UV-82 or B5. To solve the programming issue just keep pressure on the connector that goes into the HT. At least that worked for me…

  5. I just compared the TX audio quality is better than from the UV-B5, UV-82 and UV-5R. RX doesn’t sound a lot different to me.

  6. Just received mine a couple of days ago so haven’t had much time to test it yet, but first impressions are good.
    The programming was an issue, the plug wasn’t going in far enough, but I sorted that out by filing away at the rubber cable plug, It works fine now.
    The antenna is a very tight fit, as assume that’s for water proof purposes, but it does mean that Nagoya type antennas won’t fit without a bit of modification.

    • A UV-B5 antenna will perform as well as the Nagoya’s (maybe even a bit better), but doesn’t need a washer or any other kind of mod.

    • I own two GT-3s. I didn’t ignore the experience of others, but couldn’t replicate it – nor in real life, nor by measurements.

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