You are a multi-frequency oscillator

The ‘you are an oscillator’ part is only partly true: the fact that something has a resonance frequency doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s actually transmitting.

Scientists figured out human body resonance frequencies many years ago, and even made a drawing of the human body and its resonance frequencies. The illustration below is contributed to NASA, but I wasn’t able to verify this.

Human body resonance frequencyBeing a ham radio operator, I immediately wondered if it would be possible to create a biological carrier on one these frequencies and modulate it. Assuming this could be done, the next step would be to replace microphones with our thoughts. Tada! The first artificial telepathic system is born.

In the shadowy part of science there are people who gather valid data like this, throw them in a big box, shake it, and create a completely new set of (sometimes preposterous) pseudo-facts. Bio-resonance, you know, can be a source of income.

For ages, many medical problems have been ascribed to the harmful effects of earth radiation and/or water veins that affect the resistance of our immune system. Fingers are even pointed at Schumann resonances (link). Houston, we have a disturbance if the Force!

All this fake science gives me a headache. But wait, let’s go back to the money part. On a Dutch ham forum one member ran into an ad for a ‘Bio-Resonance Cone’.

This cone supposedly functions as a filter for all frequencies which could potentially interfere with your body’s natural resonance frequencies. One of the seller’s claims: “This cone counteracts all pathologic influences of earth rays.” I couldn’t translate the rest of the gibberish claims, sorry.

Bio Resonance ConeThe cone is yours for 500 Euros (about $680). No shit! My headache just got worse. Gotta have one or, even better, start to manufacture these myself.

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