Kirisun mobile DMR radios

We’ve seen quite a few Kirisun digital hand-helds appear. The latest one, the K700, is the first VHF version and Brick reported about this one a wile ago. Now the focus seems to be on mobile companions, and the Kirisun DM-600 might be a sign of things to come. Remember, these radios might not be compatible with DMR Tier II. Specs are inconclusive; Tier II isn’t mentioned.

The brochure (download here) suggests that the DM-600 will be available in both VHF and UHF versions. Price is unknown at this time.

Company website:

Kirisun DM-600



Frequency Range 400~470MHz
Channel Capacity 1024
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz
Normal Operating Voltage 13.8V
Operating Temperature -30°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~+85°C
ESD IEC 61000-4-2(level 4)
Dimension(with battery and antenna) 50mm×175mm×205mm
Weight(with battery and antenna) 1.5Kg


Frequency Stability ±1.5 ppm
Power Output 25W/45W
Modulation Limiting 2.5kHz at 12.5KHz, 5kHz at 25kHz
FM Hum and Noise -40dB at 12.5kHz   -45dB at 25kHz
Conducted/Radiated Emission -36dBm at<1GHz, -30dBm at>1GHz
Adjacent Transient Channel Power -50dB at 12.5KHz,-60dB at 25KHz
FM Modulation Mode 12.5KHz:11K0F3E 25KHz:16K0F3E
4FSK Digital Modulation 12.5KHz(data only):7K60FXD12.5KHz(data+voice):7K60FXE
4FSK Modulation Accuracy 5% at 25°C, 10% at extreme temperature
Modulation Maximum Deviation 2.5KHz at 12.5KHz , 5KHz at 25KHz
Frequency Pull During Transmission ±100Hz
Nonnative Slot Power -57dBm
Audio Response + 3dB, -3dB
Audio Distortion 3%
Vocoder AMBE++
Digital Protocal ETSI TS 102 361-1, -2,


Frequency Stability ±1.5 ppm
Digital Sensitivity 0.22μV /-120dBm
Intermodulation TIA603C:70dB   ETSI:65dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ETSI: 60dB at 12.5kHz,70dB at 25kHz
Co-Channel Rejection 12dB at 12.5KHz, 8dB at 25KHz
Spurious Response Rejection TIA603C:75dB   ETSI:70dB
Conducted Spurious Emission -57dBm at < 1GHz, -47dBm at> 1GHz
Blocking 90dB
Modulation Acceptance 3.5KHz at 12.5KHz, 7KHz at 25KHz
Rated Audio Distortion 3% (Typical)
Hum and Noise -40dB at 12.5kHz   -45dB at 25kHz
Audio Response +3dB, -3dB

6 comments on “Kirisun mobile DMR radios

  1. but this device seems to be DMR Tier2 compatible…. They also now have a 770 portable device which is compatible to DMR Tier2….
    Hopefully they have a good configuration software…

    Wolf, DH4HAV

    • Yes, so it seems, but when it comes to compatibility claims the track record of Chinese manufacturers isn’t very good.

      We’ll keep digging and edit the article if needed.

  2. I have a kirisun k800 ht. But I don’t have the manual for it. Does any one know where I can get one please

  3. Hi Hans,
    I am a new ham and just discovered your site. I wonder that can I transmit digital data from one digital walkie-talkie to other. For example; between these two kirisun dmr device. I know this device transmit voice digitally but I want to transmit other digital data for example a, photo, file, text etc. I read kirisun tm840 can transmit digital data from user manuel. Does this radio transmit digital data directly or it can be connected to computer while transmit. Namely, can it read digital data from fash disk, microSD, its internal memory or read from computer.

    If these device are not capable of that, can you advise me any walkie-talkie which is capable of my above definition. Or any method to transmit digital data. I know packet radio but it is too slow, if there is a method faster than I want to know.

    Thank you in advance

  4. what is factory full reset for a kirisun tm840? mine is jammed can’t upload anything at all, only read. also it won’t Tx/rx anymore.

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