E-Sun EM-125 Mini DSO / DMM

Sometimes I wonder if miniaturization will ever stop. This portable one-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope / Digital Multimeter combination is available for just $106.70 / €78,53.

Will it work? No doubt about that, but don’t expect it to just as good as a professional bench version – see specs below. This is a gadget you might want to put into an ‘on the road’ repair suitcase.

Seen on AliExpress, click here for the seller.


DSO Specifications:

  • Bandwidth(- 3dB): 25MHz
  • Sample: Max sample:100MSa/S
  • Channel: 1
  • Couple: AC, DC
  • Rising time: < 17.5 nS
  • Input independence: 1MΩ,≤20pF
  • Max input voltage: 1x CAT III 300 VAC 10x, 100x CAT III 600 VAC
  • Vertical resolution: 8bit
  • Vertical sensitive: 50mV/div-20V/div
  • Horizontal resolution: 10nS/div
  • Horizontal sensitive: 10nS/div -5S/div
  • Depth-sampling: 0.1K/Channel
  • Trigger mode: AUTO, Rising edge, falling edge

DMM Specifications:

  • Measure count: 6000
  • Input: Max input voltage:600 Vrms CAT II, 300 Vrms CAT III
  • On resistance: 25Ω(at the range of 600Ω), if less it beep
  • Diode measure: >2V shows OL(overload) <0.25 beep
  • Capacity measure: 6.000nF- 6mF 7range
  • Resistance measure: 600.0Ω- 60.00MΩ 6range
  • Voltage measure: 6V- 600V 3 range