Tokyo Hy-Power files for bankrupty

When I wrote about the Tokyo Hy-Power XT-751 SSB/CW handheld, most of us couldn’t wait to get our hands on one. Unfortunately the company didn’t manage to become profitable. Losses mounted, and with a debt of 250 million yen there was no future for the company anymore.

Tokyo High Power

Tokyo Hy-Power Laboratory was founded by Nobuki Wakabayashi, JA1DJW, CEO/President of Tokyo Hy-Power Labs, Inc. in 1975, in Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo, Japan. Being a private company, the initial products were antenna couplers for HF bands such as HC-500 and HC-2500.

In 1977, Tokyo Hy-Power Labs, Inc. was formally established as a developer and manufacturer of high-quality linear amplifiers, antenna tuners, etc. for amateur radio stations. One of the early products, the HL-4000 linear amplifier using 8877/3CX1500A7 by EIMAC, was the first real HF band high-power linear of its kind in Japan and used by many enthusiastic DX’ers.

As HF mobile operation grew popular, Tokyo High Power became a pioneer manufacturer of full-transistorized wide-band linears for mobile use, with models HL-200B and HL-400B being a big hit.

The Japanese company website now returns a 403 error and phones aren’t answered. The USA-based website is still online,

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  1. Yes, Kenwood definitely should consider buying THP. They’re the only major Japanese amateur manfacturer without any HF amplifier to go with the HF transceivers. Of course, Yaesu and Icom would do well by considering buying it too – the THP amps are of much better quality, design and construction than theirs, from what I’ve heard.

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