The TYT TH-9800 finally arrived

Just when we thought this radio was going the way of vapor ware, Kight Radio updated their website (thanks Brandon). Only 25 units are available at the time of writing, but more are on their way. Price: $319.95.

Want to peek into the TH-9800 User Manual? Click here.



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  1. It’s puzzling why TYT incorporated Yaesu’s ARTS system, which is pretty much universally-acknowledged to be useless.
    The specs say that it has an “Antenna Duplexer built-in”, but there’s no mention of how this works. With only one antenna jack, changing bands could be a real pain. I’ve never seen an auto-tuner for 2M/440 on the market. I suppose you could have four antennae and a four-position coax switch, though.

    I’m a bit surprised that there’s no provision for a TNC, especially because things like ARTS and the cross-band repeater function are pitched as being suitable for “search and rescue” in the manual. APRS would seem natural for that use.

    As far as the American market, half of the licensees can’t use 10M FM. It looks as if they have designs for one of these that covers 220 MHz, and that could have some limited appeal. But most of the world can’t use 220 MHz.

  2. Hans,
    Have you tried the TYT programming software? I spent a couple of hours typing in my Wouxun set up for my local CERT/CERN group and was thrown off by a couple of things. First, do you know what function “Emphasis” check box provides on the channel edit screen? The other was having to select “CTCSS Codec” to get PL Encode and Decode set on some repeaters I entered. I have mine mounted in my car and have no complaints. I am not hearing any noise and signal reports have been good from one net and another contact on local repeaters. Thanks for a resourceful blog.

    73, Tim Brown W4TRB

  3. Hi, I’m very interesting in this particular radio and you opinion about it. I can’t wait for review. Btw. great blog and I think your reviews are very good and other fellow ham radio operators can relay on it. 73!

    • Delivery (hence review) of this radio will take some time, mainly due to Chinese New Year, and a number of yet-to-be-fixed bugs found in the first batch. My advice is to sit and wait.

  4. Hi,
    The mini USB connector of the Data port can be use in APRS packet radio traffic as PTT Mic out and GND ?

  5. Hi,
    I just bought this radio direct from TYT China, A freind will collect this week on a trip there, so hope it performs as quoted, pity no ssb on 10m, will be using as a base crossbander mainly.
    Shall write my further opinion once its set up, have ordered a mobile antenna and the cable at the same time from them too.

    Cheers Francois

    • Hello, have one of these radios since April this year and it works perfectly.
      Have been crossbanding and talking around with great success,
      2 items would like to see improved:
      1. clock for the time would be great
      2.when it scans, it emits a whine as soon as it detects a conversation, tried to cut it out and even wrote to their R&D dept at TYT about it. do not know if the Yaesu also has this issue?
      Would I buy another one? Definitely YES.

      • problem of whine when detecting a converstion when scanning if on factory default setting nice wake up the dead or in middle of combat excellent, however if sitting at home a pain in the A…
        solution get onto pc prog cable and sftware, go to beep set to off just below volume set to 1, there is no 0, Zero or mute would have been better its liveable, also noticed the more while scanning do not set too low the volume with the knob else the beep hi guys just found a conv in progress is higher pitched than if volume is set a bit higher…my last issue I fitted an ext speaker for a day and removed it now no more sound from int sp…suspect the jack in radio jammed or a wire unstuck tried to ask for support am awaiting under warranty so not sure will open and check yet…

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