2014 will be totally different

  1. Baofeng will stop selling all those confusing UV-5R varieties. Only the original UV-5R will be produced, but customers still will be given the choice of buying different colors. The question “Which one is better, the UV-5R, UV-5RA, UV-5RA Plus, UV-5RB UV-5RC, UV-5RC UU, BF-F8, BF-F9 Plus … <fill in the rest here> will become something of the past.
  2. Buyers of a UV-5R will have to pass an online test on how to program the damned thing before it’s shipped out.
  3. Manuals will be understandable and complete, but won’t discuss how to cook meals anymore. Move to Utah if you want to know more about cooking with the help of radio frequencies.
  4. The new UV-5R stock antenna will have a gain of 120 dBfg. (Fantasy Gain). If the audio world can do it (PMPO), why can’t we?
Things that still need to be sorted out:

Usability of Yahoo Groups and Flickr. I went to the Yahoo Usability Department, but there was nobody there.

Yahoo Usability Department, Main Office Building

Baofeng UV-82 Battery Capacity Lies: I don’t want to see this one pop up:


Feel free to write your predictions and annoyances down in the comments.


2 comments on “2014 will be totally different

  1. .
    The latest 2014 version pending release is the UV-B82.
    It consists of a:

    UV-82 case
    UV-B5 board
    BFB297 firmware
    Single PTT button

    Oh, let’s not forget the 8800 mAH battery.

  2. i guess the only way to solve the usability of yahoo groups, is to buy a copy of “the anarchist cookbook” , make a couple of bombs, go to the datacenter, and blow up the yahoo servers, including all backup tapes…. R.I.P yahoo groups.

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