The $21 QRP Antenna Tuner Kit

It’s dirt cheap. Heat up your soldering iron, because you have to assemble it yourself. Capable of handling 15 Watts (probably not for too long) and usable up to 30 MHz.

Great fun for almost nothing, just what QRP fans love. One drawback: you better start practicing on winding toroids (my favorite pastime… NOT).

You can order one here, shipping is free.

tuner-1tuner 2tuner 3tuner schematics

13 comments on “The $21 QRP Antenna Tuner Kit

  1. Didn’t charge me any silly postage amounts, as I ordered the Super RM and the ATU recently, have you had a few already Hans? Merry Xmas!

  2. Summats wrong there then? My order total was about $58 for the ATU kit and the Super RM kit sent via China post to the UK, isn’t it giving you the China post option Hans?

  3. Very weird? I had this problem recently with another seller on Aliexpress, I contacted them and they got it sorted to play ball at the right amounts.

  4. It actually does turn all the ham bands 80-10 (didn’t check 160). However, the photos and the PCB have errors. The glitches only affect the pre-tuner and the LED, but that function won’t work unless the problems are fixed. I’m trying to think what the problems were. Oh! The schematic is dead on. The PCB has a ceramic capacitor in the wrong place which shunts all the RF to ground from one of the toroids — in pre-tune mode only. You have to cut that trace and run a jumper. And in the finished assembly photo with the cover off, you’ll need to reverse the two large pink wires in the right middle of the photo.

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