TID TD-M2100 (II)

I contacted TID (Tiger International Development CO., LTD) and asked some questions about the radio.

1. Is the radio dual-band or are there two single band versions?
2. What DMR standard is used?
3. Can the radio be connected to computers and/or the Internet?
4. The picture shows a Vertex Standard VX2100, but that model is analog only. Do you have a picture of the actual product?

Hello Hans:

Wish you have a good day and thanks for your inquiry.

This is Junny from Tiger International Co., Ltd, whom is a manufacturer of two way radio since 2000.

  1. For the VX-2100 you inquiry, here I attach the brochure for your reference.
  2. This radio is a single band radio, not dual band;
  3. The radio can connect with the computer/internet
  4. The radio is the same in the brochure

As you can see no word on the DMR standard used, and for one simple reason: DMR isn’t there. The radio is either identical to, or a copy of the Yaesu VX-2100, which is just a conventional, analog transceiver. The brochure is the same as you could download from one of Yaesu’s websites.

One more reason to be careful with listings on Alibaba.com: things aren’t always what they seem.

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