TID TD-M2100, a cheap DMR radio?

When you stay tuned to new arrivals on Alibaba.com you occasionally will run into interesting products. The TID TD-M2100 (link) might be one of those (thanks to PA0TBS for the pointer).

TID M2100

The picture shows a Vertex Standard VX-2100, the listing says TD-M2100.

Is it compatible with DMR-2? No. Is it dual band? Probably not, in spite of the suggested frequency range (136-520MHz). Is it dirt cheap? I’ll have to say “Yes”, somewhere between $100 – $120 is not bad for a radio combining analog and some form of digital voice.

Personally I don’t care about the lack of compatibility with other systems. Creating your own network might be just as much fun, and with the average price of a DMR-2 radio in mind you can buy a bunch of these and still keep money in your pocket.

4 comments on “TID TD-M2100, a cheap DMR radio?

  1. If it isn’t compatible with the DMR standard, then I don’t see the point. $120 is still cheap for a good 2-meter radio, though. But the purpose of DMR is to talk worldwide. I guess if you wanted to setup your own network, that would be cool, but most hams around me who are interested in DMR want it to talk on the established repeater network already in place.

    • If the price would be about the same as Hytera and Mororola charge us, I’d agree immediately. At $100-150 however this rig seems to be a great deal, even when the promised DMR part proves to be a hoax.

      • I agree it is still a good price for a VHF radio, but it makes me wonder why they list it as DMR if it isn’t up to standard. A complete test of one would be great!

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