So I got a Yaesu FT-817

In parts. Literally. Victim of a failed attempt to perform a MARS/CAP mod. Not disassembled properly before heating up the soldering iron, but ripped apart instead.

Initial damage list:
– damaged flat cable connectors (no way to secure the cable anymore),
– various burned parts on the mainboard,
– Burned PCB traces.

Needless to say, the rig is completely dead.

Most of the burned components are here:

FT-817-damageThe charred capacitors were in stock and easy to replace. FB1001 and FB1002 (SMD-sized ferrite beads) were components I never ran into before, so I had to order these.

Progress so far:
I managed to construct my own system to secure the flatcable into the connectors. It ain’t pretty, but it will be very reliable. After replacing the capacitors I created a few (scary looking but safe)  bypasses to check if the radio would wake up. It did. All I can do now is hoping that there’s no other hidden damage.

I still need to complete the reconstruction of a few burned PCB traces where the ferrite beads need to go. The main problem is that the width of these traces is a fraction of the size of the average 0603 SMD component. There is no room for errors, wish me luck. I’ll need it badly.


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