Baofeng GT-3 might be different after all

*Update*: I posted a review, please click here.

When Brick wrote about the radio I shrugged. Yet another UV-5R variety? Oh please! I did like the looks though.

Baofeng GT-3However, a recent Baofeng news bulletin says the following about this ‘limited edition’:

Fujian Nanan Baofeng Electronic Co., Ltd, world’s leading provider of high-performance ham transceivers today officially unveils its brand new flagship ‘GT-3’ Two-Way Radio, in cooperation with US-based industrial design partner SainSonic. This is a limited edition that offers an excellent combination of performance, endurance and style.

Utilizing the latest RDA1846S RF IC, GT-3 excels in real-world performance with its enhanced anti-interference capability. In addition, GT-3 provides a new noise-reduction feature for noises caused by severe signal intensity changes and tail tone elimination when transmitting or receiving signals between 50Hz with 55Hz.

Further powered by the state-of-the-art RDA5802N RF Receiver Chip, GT-3 delivers an ideal balance of optimum sound quality with varying reception conditions and low battery consumption.

GT-3 also incorporates the UTC TDA2822L Power Amplifier IC, aiming for the best user experience with a low crossover distortion.

“GT-3 will bring to our customers the ultimate in performance, endurance and reliability, at price points that even the most cost-conscious users will find appealing, not to mention its disruptive exterior design,” said Mr. Alex Wang, CEO of Baofeng Electronic.

The decision to design a revolutionary two-way radio dated back to 2012, when Baofeng was celebrating the one-million sales milestone of its UV-5R series. After 12 months’ efforts together with SainSonic, Baofeng is finally ready to launch the GT-3 into the market, which is expected to create consumer excitement by an industry-leading feature-set.

As a limited edition, only 50 thousands units of GT-3 will be manufactured and be distributed by strictly selected distributors. Initially setting the retail price under $70, Baofeng hopes the GT-3 will be owned by every Baofeng’s loyal hobbyist.

I looked at the original Baofeng UV-5R schematics (download here). Basically the chips have been upgraded to the latest versions. This could result in overall improvements, but I’ll have to wait and see for myself. I might have to hurry, only 50.000 units available!


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  1. Some people already have them, and one reviewer on eham mentioned it being water resistant. I am a little bit concerned about the antenna in other photos that I have seem of them having the older style antennas that tend to be problematic. Can’t wait to see your review on it; I won’t be buying one soon as I just bit the bullet for gear to setup my first HF radio station (IC-718, power supply, OCF antenna, coax, etc.)

  2. New Chipset means a new bunch of Baofeng ranges in 2014, yippeee!
    Of course we got the Chinese New year first, the year of the new rig?
    73 G1KQH

      • And the RDA5802N is only for FM broadcast reception so arguably not really an important feature. I’d be interested to see what the RDA1846S offers in terms of improvements. If it exists that is, there seems to be no mention of it on the RDA microelectronics homepage.

        I’d love to see a radio based on the RDA1847 by the way, with an external DSP (1847 is the same chip but with I/Q SDR input/output instead of FM modulation). It would enable de/encoding all kinds of modulations.

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  4. Ordered one myself yesterday from amazon for $56.99 shipped. Hope the new chips make a big difference from the old UV-5RE plus model.

    • When looking at the first impressions of brand new owners, it is not waterproof, impact-proof and such. No significant changes have been reported when compared to a standard UV-5R.

  5. The unit is 95% the UV5R with newer firmware.
    There is no better or worse than the waterproof UV5R.
    Have the unit for a week.
    The squelch is just as bad as the previous model.
    Only the modulation is at last! fine.
    And the radio reception is a little better.
    The antenna is but for the trash can.
    My antenna from Baofeng UV 82 is better!

    Would the squelch improved (better gradation!), The antenna from UV 82 there and the speakers from the UV 82 installed (best speakers of all hand sparks)
    it would last a great device.


    • Some video on youtube say it’s improved a lot compared with Baofeng UV-5R, hope that’s real cause I’ve already made an order.

    • BFB Version: GT-3 BFS311, UV-82L old version BF301
      Chips: GT-3 be upgraded UV-82L no
      Frequency: the same
      FM: GT-3 be upgraded UV-82L no
      appearence, GT-3 more fanshion UV-82 dark
      Earpiece : the same
      Battery: UV-82L be called 3600mAh
      Price: much the same
      desk charger: GT-3 be improved not the same size as UV-5R and more stitch
      Appearence: more water-proof than any other Baofeng Radios, you can check the cable jack as the radio case around the jack is atouch deeper,more safe and firm if you use programming cable or speakers.
      squelch : GT-3 be upgraded UV-82L i don’t think there is any different with UV-5R
      althoug the antenna of GT-3 need be improved and too old, i also recommend GT-3.

  6. Just ordered a unit with speaker mic and lead/CD for £49.99 on inc shipping from Holland. I wanted something that combines ham stuff (repeaters on 70cm and simplex on 2m) and a radio for very basic PMR 446 as I work in ststic security. I’d have liked FM recieve but it’s not vital. I like the look of the radio and the price is almost too goof to be true. Very similar to the HYT models I used to sell (TC-610 if I remember rightly) and all the bits look well made. It’s nice that it has an LED, saves me taking the maglight with me every time.

    In time I might get a spare battery or charger. For now its just nice to be getting back on the airwaves for less than fifty quid. Nice little treat for me and a useful work tool.

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  8. I published my review on my blog, which is linked from my name here.
    In short – good radio, but not worth the extra price over the UV-5R.

  9. I just got two units from RADIODITTY. They both work very well and were pgmd via RT Systems. Only issue is that accessory speaker-mic does not make good contact on small plug. A touch of solder to the tip of that plug seems to have made temp cured problem. Time will tell but, so far, I would do it again!

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