ADI AM-580 Dual-band Mobile

Don’t get excited: this is yet another variety of the Anytone AT-5888UV. They must be imitating the Baofeng way of doing things – one PCB, many enclosures to choose from. Manufacturer / re-branding location here.  Alibaba page here.

ADI-AM580Youtube video below, which shows the original (and poorly designed) Anytone microphone, different from the one in the picture. No price known at this point in time, but I don’t expect it to differ much from all the other incarnations.


4 comments on “ADI AM-580 Dual-band Mobile

  1. It’s hard to know what to make of this.
    The description says it has “AM/FM, Airband, and Marine band”, but the specs don’t show AM/FM or marine frequencies. The manual indicates that any band can receive in AM, so maybe that’s what is meant by “AM/FM”. The radio defaults to AM when under 136 MHz for the air band.
    It’s interesting that the 220 MHz band is included for RX.

    It does have a cross-band repeater, but it won’t work on 220 MHz.

    The video is pretty pointless. Watching it shows you that the radio can be turned on (a big plus), that it indicates you are transmitting (wow), and that the front face comes off and is attached to a very short cable.

    Everything about this looks like two separate radios in one enclosure, except only one of them transmits. There’s even a stereo audio output so that you can have a separate speaker for each of the internal radios: one for VHF and the other for UHF.

  2. So is it dual band or triband? The comment above mentions 220MHz.
    I’ve never heard of this radio, so I’d be interested to test it myself.

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