CQ 10 meters: Keyboard Error, Mouse Error

Oh no. If it weren’t bad enough that we have to share 70cm with car keys, door openers, door bells, weather stations and a zillion other devices, now I have a neighbor who can’t peck away on his wireless keyboard when I’m active on 10 meters.

The keyboard works on….. 27MHz. He will exchange it for something wired.

27 MHz Keyboard


5 comments on “CQ 10 meters: Keyboard Error, Mouse Error

    • Hey replace the tiny stock antennas with dipoles and see how far you can get. While you’re at it, add a linear and let the whole world know when your using your keyboard when the band is open 🙂

  1. You have a really nice neighbour. Standard procedure these days is to blame the HAM if your cheap Chinese unapproved €5 gadget stops working.

    Like the people protesting UMTS masts which causes the phone they have up against their heads having to transmit at a higher power to a cell that’s further away, greatly increasing their RF exposure 🙂

    But seriously the kind of understanding you have with your neighbour is rare these days.

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