Disabling WIRES on Yaesu rigs

I ran into an interesting post from Bob K0NR about disabling the WIRES functionality so it can’t activated accidentally. Bob writes:


WIRES button

About once every two weeks, one of the local radio hams gets on the repeater with a DTMF beep at the start of every transmission. We’ve come to expect it now, so the first question to the ham is “are you by chance using a Yaesu radio?” They always say “yes” and then we talk them through the process of turning off the WIRES “feature.”

The WIRES function sends a DTMF signal at the start of every transmission for use with Yaesu’s version of internet repeater linking (which is not used much in the US).  The problem is that it is very easy to bump the wrong button on your radio and accidently get it into this mode. This means that this is mostly a nuisance feature in the US.

Just like in the USA, WIRES never became popular in Europe. I think Japan is one of the few countries where this system became popular; in the rest of the world WIRES was ignored in favor of Echolink, the system Yaesu tried to copy.

2 comments on “Disabling WIRES on Yaesu rigs

  1. True, this is one of the annoying nonsense features of the Yaesu radios.

    Luckily you can switch the button to another feature in most cases, so it’s not as easy to activate it by mistake. I’ve got it set to display battery voltage on my VX-2R.

    The ARTS is even more annoying because it’s constantly sending out beeps on its own. At least it needs the F-key to activate so it’s not easily done by mistake.

  2. I’ve done it accidentally on a FT7900R. The WIRES button is right next to the power button and is not lit, making it very easy to do. I’ll disable it now. Thanks.
    I also have a Baofeng UV5R and I became aware of a site that provides a more detailed and easier to understand manual for it. It’s at http://radiodoc.github.io/.
    George VE3TYZ

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